Synthetic Monitoring

24x7 NOC Room

Synthetic Monitoring

The  systematic process of observing, tracking, and recording activities or data for the purpose of measuring program or project implementation and its progress towards achieving objectives. Information gathered through monitoring is used to analyze, evaluate the all of the components of a project or a department in order to measure its effectiveness and adjust inputs where necessary.

Synthetic monitoring is the monitoring technique which is done by emulation or scripted recordings of transactions. The behavioral scripts are created to simulate the action path that end user might take in an application or software. Those paths are then continuously monitored for performance, such as: functionality, availability and response time measures. Our 24x7 team proactively monitors our customers mobile/web apps from our NOC room.

It's Answers Following Key Questions

  • ◈ Is my website up?
  • ◈ How fast is my site at this moment?
  • ◈ Are transactions working
  • ◈ Are 3rd Part components still operating?
  • ◈ How cost effective is my performance?
  • ◈ If there is a slow down or failure: where is it?

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care


Importance of Synthetic Monitoring:

  • ◈ Find and fix issues before they impact your end users.
  • ◈ Baselining and Benchmarking.
  • ◈ Prepare for the peak traffic season or a new market.
  • ◈ Prepare for the peak traffic season or a new market.
  • ◈ Hold your 3rd party vendors accountable.
  • ◈ Test from the end users perspective.

Industries we cover

Our expertise spans a wide range of applications including client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications in various domains like Banking, Trading, Financial & Manufacturing.

Tool expertise

Our automation testing solutions support modern-day technologies and platforms available. We are equipped with world-class performance testing tools and continue to enhance our skills and abilities in adopting industries best practices.