Smart home technology is on the rise, both in terms of product availability and popularity. But, much like other new tech developments, many people perceive it as a frivolous add-on or a luxury option. In truth, smart home tech offers quite a few benefits, even beyond saving money. The user can control your home/office appliances and ligtings from any part of the world as long as you have internet on your mobile (2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi).Also you can control appliance simultaneously via buttons I.e both ways the user can control the home/office appliance.

Why IOT?

  • ◈ Power Consumption Monitoring.
  • ◈ Anytime Anywhere Control.
  • ◈ Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility.
  • ◈ Countdown Timer.
  • ◈ Manual Override.
  • ◈ Notifications.
  • ◈ Multiple Phone Control.

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care

ApMoSys Key Differentiators

  • ◈ Products are tested in our own Office for more than a year.
  • ◈ Energy Saving by monitoring the consumption.
  • ◈ With the Notification facility the safety feature is double     enhanced.

Industries we cover

We have done extensive RPA implementation public sector and leading private sector Banks and financial services company. Our RPAs cater to areas like Extracting data from unstructured formats, cleansing of impure data, reorganising of data and uploading the same into specified entites. Our RPA also covers functionality like 'Prechecking data based on rules', 'migration of data between systems' etc.