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We are a consulting services company providing services in different areas of Software Testing , Energy Audit and Logistics. The company has its very technical roots by a group of industry experts from various organizations in India and Abroad made the company strong in their capabilities to deliver consistently.Our services to customers in Software Testing ,Application monitoring , Energy Audit, Logistics and training believed to be the best in the industry.
Our Automation testing framework for the BFSI ,TTL,Manufacturing ,Automobile industry has a track record of faster time to market and offer potential platform to the customers.We have our experienced consultants who excel across all the testing tools provided by market leaders like IBM rational, HP Mercury, Borland Silk,Compuware.Our Monitoring services helps organizations to know their site performance and to act accordingly to improve the same.Our Accelerators help building framework ready use and reuse for consistent results. Our Certified Energy Auditors have more than 10 years of experience and achieved many milestones which made our delivery strong, focus and committed. We have our domain experts in Logistics having more than 20 years of experience in different organizations and with us for continuous guidance and support.
World is on the finger tips and in the moves with all high end gadgets, your website should be up and available 24X7.Online business is becoming more frantic, more intricate, and more important by the day. But it is very clear that Your business has no time for down time. End user monitoring, from the point of view of your customers, is critical to ensuring their satisfaction and your success. Actionable proactive performance alerts allow you to fix immediate problems before customers are getting negatively impacted. Trending data provides critical information for ongoing site optimization and performance improvements. One can use the availability and performance data that ApMoSys provides to: Protect your brand and let your revenue grow , Minimize the time-to-fix ,Minimize negative customer impact ,Validate third-party SLAs. We manage Web applications,Whenever there is a performance problem of the web application in production,there is a direct impact to business.End users want the website to be available 24 * 7.Even one can win or lose the customer in seconds. Today web application is complex, with content and web services delivered to the end users browser from many sources. Components are coming from different sources but they are also being delivered from third parties and the cloud, including elements such as content delivery networks, news feeds, ads, analytics, bill payment and e-commerce platforms. Research shows that improving web performance lowers costs and increases revenue.